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Java Testing Frameworks

Java Testing Frameworks

Java Unit Testing Frameworks What You Need To Know?


Cross-browser testing of software is highly necessary for every software development life cycle. If you’re able to find the errors and shortcomings, it becomes more facile to fix them instantly. Finding an ideal Java testing framework is going to deliver extensive support via various features to save time and effort. But before diving into the list of the best test suites and frameworks, let’s dive into the basic introduction.

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With so many choices in Test Automation, finding a solution that stands apart from the rest can be challenging. QUART Consulting has created a solution that solves all your needs and guarantees that your framework will be up and running in just one week. eFAST is successfully implemented across many government and Fortune 500 applications nationwide. FAST has also been the key determining factor for winning contracts and making us a paragon of the test automation industry.

Overview & Benefits Of Software Testing

Before getting started with the Java testing frameworks, let’s walk through some of the basics of software testing. It plays a vital role in the software development life cycle. It is essential to identify errors and bugs during software development while boosting product quality and expectations.

In addition, the unit testing frameworks ensure that the software meets the user expectations, specifications, responses, time, and effort. The software testing cycle improves the performance testing and deployment testing to meet user expectations.

Thus, it is essential to focus more on the testing phases to ensure a functional and reliable software development life cycle. Although there are multiple approaches to checking and deploying the open-source framework, test driven approach is one of them. It is the key practice to deal with extreme programming based on the unit testing frameworks.

Unit Testing Frameworks

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Benefits Of Software Testing

One of the major benefits of including software testing is to boost the agility in the project scopes. You need to change the old code to add a new feature and that can cost huge in terms of time and money. Running stable and robust software testing processes can help in understanding the functional scope of the tool.

A reliable testing process can ensure maintain the credibility of the old feature while including a new one. Other than that, an open-source framework can assist in finding an early bug in the software development life cycle. If you’re a developer and looking forward to improving the code quality & testing phase, software testing is an incomparable choice. As you’re able to find the bugs in the early phase, the fixing cost and other software-related expenses decrease.

Now that you’re aware of the unit testing importance, let’s explore some of the popular and effective Java unit testing frameworks

What is a Java Testing Framework?

Java Testing Framework involves an exclusive set of guidelines to include while designing the testing scripts. The open-source framework can take care of the quality assurance of the software. These rules of the testing framework define the entire structure of the software testing cycle. Simply put, the unit testing frameworks cater to the efficiency of the software testing process. It is a type of blueprint that ensures the optimum run of test data information, scripting guidelines, repositories, etc.

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Importance Of Java Testing Frameworks

A Java unit testing framework is crucial for developing a backend in Java. These testing frameworks are ideal for enterprise-level projects. However, with loads of options and choices in the market, choosing the software testing framework becomes highly vital for any organization. Since Java is one of the oldest and most popular technology, its testing frameworks are crucial in the software development life cycle.

Regardless of how the software market evolves in the coming months, Java testing frameworks hold the crucial spot in terms of importance. It is the heart of the backend development and software testing requirements. A variety of factors in the testing frameworks are what make it an ideal tool for developing and scaling applications. The majority of small-scale or flourished organizations tend to use unit testing frameworks or requirements for making the most out of the development life cycle.

It is also vital for every business to assess the working and scope of each framework. Instead of knowing all sorts of unit testing frameworks, you should focus on Java testing frameworks for hassle-free software and development processes.

Top-notch Java Testing Frameworks To Consider In 2022

After understanding the basics and needs of Java unit testing frameworks, let’s explore more details in terms of features, pros, and cons.

1. eFast By Quart Consulting

Quart Consulting brings the most popular and open-source Java testing framework. The tool is great for writing precise test cases, communicating, and running stable test cases for a Java application. Gone are the days when we had to manually test the apps as eFast managed everything in a jiffy. The easy-to-use java testing framework tool focuses on the logic along with a combination of TDD (Test-Driven Development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development).


Major features of the eFast Java testing framework are –

  • – It is an out-of-the-box tool with extensive features.
  • – The tool helps in writing less automated code.
  • – Saves a ton of energy and time for the testing team.
  • – Ensuring stable and precision testing.
  • – Reduces timeout issues.
  • – Shortens traditional app commands.
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<strong “>2. Selenium

Selenium is a popular open-source software testing tool capable of automating browsers. The tool uses various test scripts in Java & Python to write automation tests for web applications. The availability of Selenium web driver and Selenium Grid maintain the right level of automation tests on various browsers. The developers can use Selenium open source framework to conduct cross-browser testing, automation testing, and running tests on real devices.

Java Testing Frameworks

Here are common features of the Selenium testing framework –

  • – Use it as a data and keyword-driven framework along with hybrid testing benefits.
  • – Selenium web application tests tend to execute in various operating systems like macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • – It comes with ease of integration and accessibility for learning and creating Java unit testing.
  • – It supports browser automation, automation testing, and cross-browser testing.
  • – It comes with a native web browser that runs efficiently on the Selenium server.
  • – It helps in running end-to-end tests with powerful debugging.
  • – Selenium assists in recording multiple locators for every element.
  • – This testing framework helps in running the control flow of the structure.
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3. JUnit

JUnit is another open source framework written in Java programming language and virtual machine. The core motive of this framework lies in the efficient creation and execution of unit testing for the application. The testing tool creates a Test Engine API that identifies and executes the unit tests on the platform.

The developers can go on with using the JUnit software testing framework for regression testing and unit testing.

Here are common features of the Junit testing framework –

  • – The Junit test programming language supports the running and execution of test suites from the platform.
  • – It supports multiple IDEs, including IntelliJ, VSCode, and more.
  • – It brings the console launcher to start the platform from the Java console. You can get high-efficiency results with the ability of self-variation and assertions.
  • – It serves as the foundation of testing frameworks.
  • – JUnit assists in backward compatibility with the combination of programming & extension models.
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4. TestNG

Test NG Java unit testing framework is a derivation of the JUnit framework. The easier and more flexible version comes with a variety of functionalities like annotations, thread pools, and more. TestNG framework remains highly versatile and curated to cover all sorts of categories like functional tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests, and more.

Java Unit Testing Frameworks

Here are some of the exclusive features of TestNG regression testing –

  • – Safe testing of the programming code and frameworks.
  • – Multi-threaded coding works.
  • – Parameters support and testing modeling.
  • – Data-driven software testing with improved results.
  • – Flexible user interface and test codes.
  • – Default programs and runtime control.
  • – It comes with annotation support.
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5. SerenityBDD

SerenityBDD is one of the efficient Java unit testing frameworks aiding in curating high-quality testing. While using the serenity, you need to define certain requirements in the form of user stories. These stories further led to automation with the help of certain tools like JBehave. The developer and web experts can carry on the automated acceptance testing in the behavior-friendly environment development.

SerenityBDD testing framework also plays a vital role in regression testing. Here are some of the effective features of SerenityBDD –

  • – Flexible and handy testing benefits.
  • – Illustrative and narrative reporting with errors, screenshots, etc.
  • – Project management and testing reports.
  • – Keep track of software testing.
  • – This framework and tools aid in functional test coverage reporting.
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6. Mockito

Mockito is also an open-source testing framework curbing out irrelevant interactions and communications. The usage of no expected run verifies libraries in the functional testing makes this framework highly reliable in the market. Mockito works on the selected pattern of testing behavior, offering a seamless, ready-to-use, and cheap set-up. The developers and QA analysts can use this framework in unit testing. The Java testing frameworks can help in creating duplicate interfaces for dummy/test functionalities testing.

Here are some of the unmatched features of the Mockito framework:

  • – It mocks the concrete classes and interfaces using annotations.
  • – Multiple numbers of verification support.
  • – Verification flexibility with the option of custom matching.
  • – Crystal clear verification with error support.

Final Word

eFast - #1 Java Unit Testing Framework By Quart Consulting

Software testing can be an overwhelming process for anyone. The developers or testers need to take care of the quality assurance and additional benefits. The usage of Java unit testing frameworks can be highly useful concerning extensive features, guidelines, and structure rules. These frameworks are ideal for dealing with project efficiency and performance as well.

Every software development process needs to find the ideal Java testing frameworks. Quart Consulting is a leading destination to seek software testing and the right frameworks platform. The team of technicians and professionals can assist in testing the application on browser platforms and real devices.

Put an end to your search for the ideal unit testing frameworks with eFast by Quart Consulting. We bring the most extensive and automated testing framework to reduce your time and effort in the traditional approach. It possesses seamless integration capability with distinct development teams and projects. eFast by Quart Consulting maintains high consistency levels in the structural processes including design paradigm, highlighting communication, and automation alike.

Our team of software developers and testing experts can allow you to integrate various testing automation frameworks. Contact us today to seek the best consultation and help with software testing and automation.


“Quart Consulting and their Fast Automation Framework has demonstrated a commitment to the entire software production team. From analysts to developers, and DevOps engineers, getting the most out of test automation takes the inclusion of everyone. Quart Consulting’s Fast Framework is customizable and scalable and supports CI/CD integration. Quart Test Engineers create repeatable tests using their interface to help our customers save time and effort, it improves quality, and helps reduce cost.”
Felix Martin
VP Business Development and Capture
Karthik Consulting, LLC

FAST enables our test team to support ten applications concurrently, which now save the team a considerable amount of time during release testing, as well as COTS and browser upgrade verifications.

Quart Consulting and their FAST framework has been instrumental in the success of test automation initiatives across numerous of our commercial, FedCiv, and DoD programs over the last decade. Simply put, Quart Consulting provides holistic test automation solutions that we could not find across other industry leading tools and frameworks. The framework is highly intuitive, scalable, reliable, and simple to update and maintain.

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